Most of the vineyards are located in the Provinces of Mendoza and San Juan, named “The land of the sun and good wine”.
Cultivated at foothills, in elevations higher 3.000 feet and irrigated by the water of mountain rivers. There are a variety of
soils: gravelly, loamy, clay-sand, clayed, etc. according to the varietals. The climate is dry and of an ample temperature
range. The ecological conditions are optimal.
The best vines are selected from the best parcels of ground. Leaf pulling and green harvesting are practiced. The harvest
occurs at the higher grape polifenolic maturation point. The grapes are picked in small bins (40 lb.) to avoid breaking the
skins before the wine manufacture. At the winery, the grapes are inspected on a sorting table to separate damaged or rotten
fruit. The grinding process is carried out using equipment of updated technology. Juice and skin undergo an extended
maceration and fermentation in less than 100 hl. stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Stabilization is natural.
Then, the wine is aged in new, small, of different smoking degree, French and / or American oak barrels, which contribute to
give the product a personal profile. Finally, the wine is bottled using carefully selected corks. After several months of
cellaring, the labeling is handmade bottle by bottle. Ready to be tasted.